jueves, 19 de marzo de 2009

Weird trading cards I

Comenzamos hoy una nueva sección: Weird Trading Cards. Es una colección casera, en la que yo mismo dibujo cada cromo y escribo cada texto: la idea es escribirlo en inglés, en parte porque cada vez llegan más visitantes anglófonos y en parte como ejercicio: agradeceré enormemente que los parroquianos duchos en la lengua de Shakespeare me señalen los errores, si bien me esforzaré por caer en ellos lo menos posible. Bueno, también como excusa para usar la palabra «weird», que me encanta.

Weird trading cards are my own home made collection. They will be published here as I draw them and will include an explanatory note about each creature.
Since my English is not very good I welcome any correction from my kind readers. Thank guys.

Doctor Krokfang

1. Doctor Krokfang is a brilliant scientist, but the world is not yet prepared for his amazing discoveries. The envy of his colleagues and the anthropophagia scandals that sadded his carrier have banished him from the community, depriving the world of his wisdom.

1. El Doctor Krokfang es un brillante científico, pero el mundo no está preparado para aceptar su increíbles descubrimientos. La envidia de sus colegas y los escándalos de antropofagia que han ensombrecido su carrera le han excluido de la comunidad, privando al mundo de su sabiduría.

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Valentín VN dijo...

Te sales.


You are the next best thing, man!

Perhaps it isn't so english "the world is not ready to accept his amazing discoveries" and "the world is not ready for his amazing discoveries" is more accurate.

Change "the envy of his colleages" for "his colleages' envy".

Perhaps "made him dissapear" is better that "have banished him".

But I'm not sure. Try it if you please. It could work.

What do you think, english speaking readers?

Movimiento31 dijo...

Hey men, what the fucking funny post. Actually the most original creature i've seen in years!

I dont agree with valentine's thesis about the correct use of the genitive in the phrase: the envy of his colleages. The correct use is this form, not the saxon genitive. You can see the long list of uses and regimens of "envy" in the Britannica Enciclopaedia: http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/189215/Envy.

Salgo de la lengua bárbara, para volver a la latina. Muy divertido personaje. Incomprendido y genial. ¿No habrá nacido en España?

P.D.: me gustaría recordar a los parroquianos ignorantes en la lengua de Shakespeare que la forma correcta es el partitivo (envidia de sus colegas/compis de curro) y no el genitivo sajón (sus colega's envidia).

Enhorabuena por la entrada.

Malena dijo...

Such a great idea! Now I'm tempted to do it myself.

PS: Nothing says "scientist" like a test tube.

AkaTsuko dijo...

Is it too soon to ask for an explanation about how did you draw this card Evil?

I won't plagiarize the idea, I promise.

Illuminatus dijo...

Allow me to comment something about weird: in English you can see the most common use for this adjective is "suggesting something supernatural; unearthly" but also "(archaic)connected with fate" and, as substantive, mainly Scottish, "a person's destiny". The latter comes from the ancient English wyrd, related to "having power to control destiny".

Interestingly, in German, the third person singular of the auxiliary verb werden used for the future tense, is wird and, more interestingly still, one of the Norns, the demi-godesses of destiny in Scandinavian mythology, the one associated with the future, is Urd whose name means "fate".

Another interesting connection would be the persistence in Indo-european cultures of the female trinity of Fate figures like the Norns, the Moirae and the Morrigan and her sisters.

Tyrannosaurus dijo...

Excellent initiative, Preacher. Which planet is Dr Krokfang from?.
He resembles to a kind of crocodile. To start writing in English again was more difficult that I thought.

Mariana dijo...

Fantástico! :D Tens imenso talento, continua!

Evil Preacher dijo...

Thank you very much, buddies, for your support and corrections. Valentín and Movimiento:
I have search on Google your suggestions to choice the most frequent :P

I absolutely agree, Malena: everybody knows all the scientists always have on their basements a secret lab with a lot of tubes and an electric arc.

Tsuko, is a good idea, perhaps I'll post an explanation of my technique.

Wow! I love this etymological explanation, thanks Illuminatus: I think is possible to feel, in someway, all this meanings in the word. Another word I love is "amazing" linked with "maze": when someone is "amazed" he is under the fascination of the labyrinth.

About the planet from the "Droktor" comes, Tyrannosaurus... is an extraterrestrial world? our Earth? some future, past or alternative Earth? I prefer keep the ambiguity for a while, at least the time I decide about!

Muchas gracias, Mariana, espero que será una larga serie.

AkaTsuko dijo...

Thanks, I'll be looking forward it.

By the way, a promise (thought late) is a promise. Watched and reviewed :)

PD: "perhaps I'll post an explanation of my technique"

How about:

-"I may/might post an explanation of my technique in the future"

-"perhaps I'd post an explanation of my technique"

-"maybe I post an explanation of my technique" (subjuntivo,¿me equivoco en esta alternativa?)

No es que sea incorrecto, pero me choca ver asociado el modal "will" con futuro condicional.

AkaTsuko dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
AkaTsuko dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
Ioannes Ensis dijo...

Muy mal.
Nada de lenguajes bárbaros de gentes sin romanizar.

Por otro lado, no me gusta el volumen de la manga del profesor.

Por el lado que falta: No hace falta que los crímenes del prófesor sean tan monstruosos, estaría bien que fuese algo más íntimo, secreto y maculador, como la coprofagia. Eso haría más interesante al personaje.
Muchos saludos y espero con impaciencia nuevas entregas.

Evil Preacher dijo...

No te preocupes, Ensis, como ves todo el texto inglés está también en la lengua cervantina.
Yo también veo algo raro en el brazo del personaje y esperaba que me lo señalaras, pero yo lo atribuyo más bien a que la postura resulta algo forzada y antinatural.
Sin embargo, no veo porqué te parecen monstruosos los actos del doctor ¿qué más natural que zamparse gente para un cocodrilo? Lo sorprendente es que sea un brillante científico.

unaguirisinnadaquehacer dijo...

Hi EvilPreacher,

I'm an English speaker who had this blog recommended to me by a friend. I'm also an English teacher, so, por allí voy. I enjoyed the comments made by bloggers Valentin VN and Movimientos31. I think you hit the mark, though, in the original text. There is one suggestion I'd like to make, however. All of this nasty business with Dr. Krokfang being banished for his little habit (anthrophagy). Let's be frank: if you make it a custom to feed on human flesh, it's only natural that reGARdless of the community in which you reside, your career will be SHADOWED by scandal ( if people find out). Could not the good doctor take up a more productive hobby- say, badminton, or...home-makeover parties? Anyway, it's a shame that science must suffer from time to time for the greater good (were they already dead before, at least, before he started...IN on them?). Also, kudos to WEIRD, one of English's greatest contributions to our community...

Evil Preacher dijo...

Welcome, Guiri, and thank you for your comments.
I guess the Doctor eats his victims already dead, like crocks do. They even wait for days next to a corpse since rotten flesh is more tender. In a similar way, the English hang their meat for some time before eating it.

Thanks for your corrections Tsuko but unfortunately I can't edit the comments, only the post.