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Japan Expo '10 (Eng)

Thanks to Mabuto for the English version.

Every year in Paris, at the beginning of the summer, an unusual event takes place, the nerds dare to get out of their lairs; the cosplayers give the last coats of paint to their polyurethane armors; the otakus, gamers and other nolife, solitary creatures by nature, go in mass to the convention center in Villepinte to discover, always to their amazement, that they are not that socially inept, but are in fact part of a big and passionate community.

Following some images from the eleventh edition of the Japan Expo, that took place from Thursday to Sunday during last week.

The cosplays of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, D-Grayman are still the most popular, others, like Hellsing and Dofus maintain a very honorable position in the hit-parade; Soul Eater makes a remarkable entrance:

As usual, in the urban fashion subculture, school uniforms, gothic lolitas, sweet lolitas and other diverse loli.

The Star Wars people are easily startled but they are always back, and in greater numbers

Some other aspects from the convention, to give you an idea of the event:

The number of possible activities was overwhelming, in the j-music scene the brightest star was the Morning Musume band and among the invited mangaka we had Tsukasa Hōjō, the author of City Hunter and Cat's eye. The activities that most impressed me were:

Friday, meeting the Gamushara Oendan, a group of Japanese cheerleaders that use chants, music and choreographies to cheer on sports teams. These kinds of groups are a beloved tradition in Japan. Do you remember the one from Captain Tsubasa? They always have an inexhaustible vigor and did not stop for a second.

Saturday, meeting the main actor and the three most impressive characters from the Highlander TV show, as well as the scriptwriter. This event was part of ComicCon, which has run for many years at the same time than the Japan Expo. We will devote a post to it in the next few days.

Sunday, I enjoyed learning to make Japanese Tea in a workshop, the show of traditional music and traditional dance by the Sakura band and the cosplay competition.

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Mabuto dijo...

Great post Predicador. It is too bad that I could not go, it looks like it was lots of fun. Next year I have to make it happen.

The photos are great too.

You have to expand a bit in other post on at least some of the most interesting stuff that happened.

Evil Preacher dijo...

Thanks, Mabuto.
I use to post a lot of articles: you can check the previous editions of the event in the blog files. But that gives to much importance to the Japan Expo: one is enough. Anyway I want to make one about Highlander and I'll use some more pictures to illustrate future post about pirates and nuns.